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William Jude Designs is a New York-based interior design studio founded by William Jude Kranyak in 2008. WJD's portfolio of residential interiors includes an array of artistically curated homes located in NYC, the Hamptons, London, as well as various international destinations, in collaboration with local firms; Paris, Antwerp, Athens, Casablanca.
WJD's  design philosophy utilizes intuitive design with a holistic approach. His design principals thoughtfully weave function and feature to create mindful well-being.

“A lot of times clients are so rushed to have a space filled and completed. Although it seems counterintuitive, I urge them not to. Space, just like in life, should be open. That feeling of being at capacity can definitely thwart the ability to grow.

Please, leave some space.”

William Jude Kranyak is a self taught interior designer, born in Philadelphia PA. He found an eye and love for design while working at the conception of the first Anthropologie store, as the home manager visual and associate. Moving to NYC in 1998 he continued to hone his talents designing large scale projects during his time working at ABC Carpet & Home. One of William's professional missions and roles at ABC was to facilitate exponential growth to the eco-friendly and sustainable products department.
Connecting all of these facets, coupled with freelance interior design work soon flourished into WJD Inc.


Interior Design

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Commercial Spaces

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Artwork Selection

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Bespoke Furniture

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William Jude Designs on New American Luxury
"His perspective echoes a modern sensibility and an innovative us of materials, color and balance."
William Jude Designs on New American Luxury
"His perspective echoes a modern sensibility and an innovative us of materials, color and balance."
William Jude Designs for Mecox New York
"Kranyak is of the rare breed of people whose past is as fascinating as their present and whose future is full of potential—albeit far from predictable."
William Jude Designs |  Best of Houzz service award
"I literally breathe a sigh of relief every time I walk in my home now."
HOUZZ 2018, client reviews
William Jude Designs |  Best of Houzz service award
"The most consistent compliment I receive on my apartment is that the decor reflects my personality, taste and style perfectly. I owe this self-representation to someone else entirely."
HOUZZ 2016, client reviews

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